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Do You Need to Wash the Walls Before Painting?

While numerous mistakes are often made during a DIY painting project, one question still remains, and that is whether it is really necessary to wash walls before painting. It can be a tedious task, so is it really necessary? This is what our professional painter at A & S Custom Painting is going to answer. The simple answer is yes. Having a clean and dry wall to work with before applying a fresh coat of paint can prevent various cosmetic and even health issues from cropping up further down the road. Of course, there are a few rooms in a house that require a more thorough cleaning than others.

Even though it is tempting to skip this step and go full steam ahead with the paint rollers, don’t, as failing to wash your walls may often result in big headaches later on. If dirt, dust, or grime, is left on the walls and simply painted over, the result could be issues such as mold, mildew, or even the paint starting to blister, that will require you to start the job again or, calling in a professional to treat and repair the walls. So why not skip this and just wash your walls before painting.

Do painters clean interior walls before painting?

If you choose to call in a professional to paint your walls, never expect them to wash them beforehand. As most don’t, so you will either have to hire a cleaner or do this job for you or, save money and do it yourself.

Do certain walls need heavier cleaning?

Grimy walls such as kitchens and bathrooms really need a good clean before they are painted. Even the walls in a grime-free room should be washed before painting, as the likes of dirt, dust, and even smoke residue can sit on your walls barely noticeable.

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