Highly Recommended Painting Brushes for Best Results

The Best and Ideal Paint Brush for High-End Results

Not only should you start with high-quality paint, but also high-quality paint brushes, if you want the most professional-looking results from a DIY paint job. An even, smooth coat of paint can be achieved with the right brush, as opposed to a blotchy, bristle-marked result. The durability, bristle type, and smooth performance of paint brushes were examined by painting professionals. The best paintbrush options are shown here.

Purdy Pro Extra Monarch

Exterior painting is typically related to rough surfaces like wood, stucco, concrete, brick, or siding. The use of a brush with tough, durable bristles that can pick up and hold a lot of paint while yet applying it evenly and smoothly without breaking or fraying is required for this. That caliber of excellence is what you can get from a Purdy Pro Extra Monarch Paint Brush.

Wooster Shortcut Angled Brush

Because most paintbrush handles are rather long, it is easy to paint with broad, fluid strokes. However, in other circumstances, such as when painting a corner, a space between two closely spaced windows, a detail like a little trim, or a location that is severely confined, a more focused approach is necessary. In some situations, the Wooster Shortcut is unbeatable because it is simple to hold and manage. The nylon/polyester bristles of this 2-inch sash brush can apply a smooth coat of paint even to rough surfaces and can handle any sort of paint, stain, or finish.

Richard Goose Neck Paint Brush

The majority of paintbrushes have solid handles, which are ideal for painting areas that are simple to get to. The Richard Goose Neck Paint Brush’s ingenious design will come in handy when working at a height, especially when working on the top of a wall, the ceiling, or in a small space above a window or other impediment. This 2.5-inch angled brush has nylon and polyester bristles that take up and deposit both oil-based and water-based paints uniformly and smoothly.

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